Thursday, December 6, 2012

Character Costume

2 spools of Tulle (The spool I buy is 5.75 inches wide and 25 yards long) 
Elastic (knit 3/4 inch)
Needle and thread
Goop or any kind of sturdy glue

My daughter is very into Elmo right now, but of course he is a boy, so I wanted to make a girly version of Elmo for her.  Needless to say, she absolutely loved her costume and still like to wear it months later.  You could take this concept and make it for many different characters!
1.  Cut your all your tulle to the length you want it.  Our costume hung right under her armpits, so I measured from there to a little below her knees.
2.  Cut your elastic the right size.  We did around her chest, right under her arm pits.  Then stitch your elastic together.  Going over it a few times to make sure it is sturdy.
3.  Begin tying your tulle around your elastic (Just a simple knot), with the tulle pointing down, to create a dress.
 Note the stitching is going up and down and few times. I used a zig sag stitch.
4. Just keep tying the tulle all the way around the elastic.
 Until you have gone all the way around to the fullness you want.
5.  Next cut your ribbon to the proper length for straps.  Put the costume on your child to get the right placement and measurement.  Pin in place.  Take off your child and sew the straps on with the same color thread as your tulle.  I just sewed right over the tulle and elastic for the straps.

6.  Cut out your characters face out of felt.  Honestly my husband is a better drawer than me, so I had him draw it on the felt and then I cut it out.  You could also trace from a picture.  Once it is cut out, use "Goop" or any super sturdy glue to glue in on the front of your costume, right on the top layer of tulle.
7.  Now that it is done, you may need to trim the bottom to make all the tulle even.  Enjoy!!

*I made matching curly cue bows to make it even more adorable!  Click on the picture to link to the tutorial.*

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