Friday, October 5, 2012

Curly Hair Bows

*How to make cute curly Hair Bows*

Ribbon of your choice (3/8 inch), the textured kind works well
Fabric stiffener
Straws or wooden dowels
Clothes Pins
Foam Paint brush
Needle and thread
Hair clips
Glue (I love "GOOP")

1.  Start by clipping your ribbon to the top of the straw
2.  Then spiral wrap the ribbon down the straw
3.  Cut and secure the ribbon with a clothes pin at the bottom of your straw.
4.  Paint the fabric stiffener all over the ribbon in a thin layer.  Allow to dry completely.  I allowed mine to dry over night.

5.  Remove ribbon from straws.  You will be left with darling ribbon curly cues.
6.  Cut to desired length.  I cut mine in 1/2.
7.  Stack them on top of each other making them go in different directions as you stack.  Stack them on a threaded needle so that as you stack you are stitching them together.  Sew through the layers on the way up and then thread the needle back though to the bottom.  Tie off thread and cut.
8.  Glue a hair clip onto the back with GOOP.

Finished Product!
9.  Put in your little girl's hair to make her look super cute 

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