Sunday, January 6, 2013

Front Door Curtains

My husband has been begging me to do something about our front door windows for a long time.  There is no privacy with them wide open, anyone can peek in.  So we decided to make small curtains for them.
The Problem:

The Solution:

1 curtain panel long enough for your windows.  I purchased a 54 in x 84 in curtain (at Target $20). You could also just by fabric.
4 magnetic adjustable curtain rods.  (Found ours at Menards for under $20 for all 4)
Sewing machine
Cutting board
Rotary cutter
I picked out this thin, burlap type fabric so light could still be let in.  
Take the curtain rod and place it the width you are going to need it.  Then tape around it, so you will have the measurement for the width.  Also, Measure the length of the widows to get the length of our curtain.  My width was 9 inches by 65 1/2 inches long.  
I wanted to work with all fresh cut lines so trim the top folded edge.  Cut using a rotary cutter and flat cutting ruler.
 Trim off the side edges.
Now we are going to cut our fabric to size.  I doubled my curtains, so that they would look the same on the front and back and look finished.  I also wanted them to bunch a little so I allowed a few extra inches on the width.  So for my 9 inch window, I cut my fabric 24 inches wide (allowing for the doubling).  For the length, I allowed 4 extra inches for folding over the rod.  So for my 65 1/2 length I cut it to 70 inches.  
Final cut = 24 inches wide by 70 inches long.  Cut 2 total (one for each window)
Cut with a rotary cutter and flat ruler.
Now you have 2 pieces cut for your curtains.  I am now just going to be talking about one curtain at a time.  You will repeat the steps starting here for the 2nd curtain.
Pin RIGHT sides of the curtain together length wise.
Sew the length of the curtain with RIGHT side together.  The top width should remain open on both ends.  (Means you are sewing the wrong side of the curtain)  Remove the pins and flip right side out.
 Iron the seam so the curtain lays nice and flat.  You should now have a curtain panel, with a seam on the side and the RIGHT side of the fabric showing on both sides.
Now we are going to create the ends.  
Fold over the rough end just a very little bit and pin in place, with pins facing out.
Then place curtain rod on the fabric and fold it over the rod.  Pin fabric around the rod creating a pocket, creating a finished edge.
Pull the rod out of the little pocket you made, leaving all the pins in place.  How perfect that the rod just comes apart : )
Stitch this pocket, staying close to the pinned edge, allowing enough room for the rod to fit back in.  
Repeat this step for the other end.  **It is important when finishing the last end to make sure your length is correct**  
**Repeat and make your 2nd curtain the same way**

Put the rods in the end pockets and hang them in your front door and be proud : )
We noticed once the curtain was up that the magnets where not very strong when the door we added 3M strips to help hold them up.

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  1. Awesome post and thanks to YOU, I just discovered 'magnetic curtain rods" that I can fit in sidelight window too. Finally I can take down my white construction paper that I've been using in my window for years! Yay! A thousand thank you's ....