Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Playroom storage

*Making Mini Chalk Boards*
I wanted to make a cute storage option my daughters play room, but did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on baskets from pottery barn.  So instead I created my own option.  I ordered baskets from Kohl's when they were 1/2 off and I could use an additional 30% off coupon and free shipping.  I got all 12 wicker baskets for around $130.  Then wanted to create cute little labels for them, so I made mini chalk board labels.

Chalk board paint
Foam Paint brush
Craft wood
6 count of wood slats about 6-7 inches long (I found them at Hobby Lobby for around $3)
Wired twine
Sand paper
1.  Cut the slats in half using a band saw or miter saw.  They are pretty thin so they cut easy.
2.  Using a small drill bit, drill 2 holes at the top of the square.  I did mine about 1/2 inch from each side edge and 1/4 inch from the top.

3.  Sand the blocks smooth.

4. Paint the entire front of the block with the chalk board paint.  Allow to dry and apply a 2nd coat.
5. One dry put the wire twine through the back of one hole.  Pull it though and then wrap it on top of itself, twisting it back up.  You may need to poke the holes back out a little from the dried paint.
6.  Place the twine through where you want it located on your basket.  Then repeat step 5.   Pushing it though back and wrapping it up.  Then cut the twine once you have it in your desired location.

The finished product...although we haven't quite filled it up yet : )

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