Friday, October 5, 2012

Lost Sock Board

*How to make a Lost Sock Board*

Who doesn't have random lost socks that you are always looking for laying around.  This little board can be hung in your laundry room with your lost socks until the match is found!  I didn't create this idea, but this is my take on it : )

Wood board, Cut to whatever size you like or buy a pre-cut board
Clothes Pins
Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge
Heavy duty Glue (I like "GOOP")
Vinyl letters (Can be cut out on a Cricut, or you can order from people who will do it for you on ETSY)

1.  Sand your board and paint it.  I did 2 coats.
2.  Cut scrapbook paper to the size of the front of your clothes pin.  Then apply pod podge under the scrapbook paper and smooth the paper onto the cloths pin.  Then mod podge over the scrapbook paper.  Allow to dry.
3. Apply your vinyl writing to your board.  *You can cut out your own vinyl on a cricut, purchase letter stickers, or order a pre-cut saying on ETSY.*  I did this before I got the cricut and ordered from etsy.  Most people are happy to make you a custom project.  I spend $11 with shipping for the letters.
4.  To the back of your board install your wall hanging hardware.
4.  Use heavy duty glue such as GOOP to glue your decorated clothes pins to your board.  Allow to fully dry.
5.  Hang on your laundry room wall for a cute and functional decoration.

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