Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to make a tutu

Tulle (The spool I buy is 5.75 inches wide and 25 yards long)  For a baby to toddler tutu I usually use 2 spools...The more you use the fuller it is.  You can use one color or mix and match.
Elastic (I use Knit 3/4 inch)
Sewing machine or needle to hand stitch
Scrap cardboard piece (I used a paper plate)
*Optional:  A pretty ribbon to tie in the front.

1.  Cut your card board piece to the length you want your tulle to stick out from your tutu (Mine was cut around 7 inches) Wrap your tulle around the cardboard until you have used the entire spool.  Cut all the tulle at one end of the cardboard piece.  The length of your tulle will be double the cardboard length (about 14 inches for mine), but will be tied on the elastic so will end up the length of the cardboard once tied.  You can always trim it down once your tutu in complete.

 2.  You are left with lots of pieces of tulle.
3. Cut your elastic to the desired size.  Just measure your little girls waist first to get a proper size. Then sew the ends together. When sewing I like to stitch back and forth a few times to make sure it is sturdy.
4. Now begin tying your tulle around the elastic waist band.  You are essentially just tying a knot around the elastic.  Leaving both ends of the tulle pointing out in the same direction.

5.  Continue to tie your tulle all the way around the entire elastic piece.  Make sure to push the tulle pieces close together as you are tying to make it full.  Once you are finished you can trim the tulle pieces to make them all the same length and even.  And now you have a darling tutu for your little lady!

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