Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Letter Blocks

*Fall Letter Blocks*
2x4 wood
Mod Podge
Scrap book paper
Paper cutter or scissors
Cricut to cut your letters or stencils or stickers
Small glue pen
Foam brush
Ribbons, jewel, anything you want to decorate your blocks with

Here are the 2 sets we made for fall!

First cut your long piece of wood to the size blocks you want.  We used a miter saw, but others will work.   Then sand the wood down.  I sanded the corners down to give them a rounded appearance.  You can use a hand sander, but to the make the project easier I used a belt sander.

Sanded and cut blocks

You can leave the blocks plain or paint them.  We left the Give Thanks blocks plain and the spooky blocks we painted black.

Once the paint has dried cut your background decorative paper to fit the front of the blocks, then mod podge it on by painting the mod podge onto the block and smoothing the paper square on top of it.

Next cut out your paper letters from a cricut or other source.  
Use a small glue pen on the back of the letter and stick it to the block.
Then mod podge over the entire letter and scrapbook paper square, smoothing out all the bumps. Allow to dry completely, it will dry clear.
Lastly, add whatever embellishments you want to make it cute and finished!

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