Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pumpkin Tree

*Creating a Pumpkin Tree*
Supplies you will need:
Fake Pumpkins 3 different sizes, 1 black 2 orange (We found ours at Michales)
Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint orange and black
Wood letters to spell BOO
Drill or small saw
Nail gun
Glue, I like "Goop"
*Optional, pretty pot to sit the pumpkins in and ribbon for the top

Cut a bottom circle out of the top 2 need to cut it out of the 1st one.  You may use a small hand saw, although the circle won't be pretty or a circular cutter attached to your drill...which my husband just happened to have.

Next, take everything outside and spray paint the pumpkins and letters.  The orange pumpkins should be sprayed orange, the black pumpkin sprayed black.  The "B" and large "O" should be sprayed black and the small "o" should be sprayed orange.  The thicker the paint, the more sparkly they are.

Once the paint had dried, we put the letters onto the pumpkins.  Because of the shape of the pumpkins and letters we had to use a nail gun to attach the letters to the pumpkins.  Then we used the glue "Goop" to glue each layer of pumpkin together and held it for a little while to make sure it stuck.  To finish off the project, you can add a pretty bow then place it in any pot you like : )  

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