Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little Ninja Baby Shower

Last summer I was able to help throw a BOY couples baby shower for our friend's Thao and Donny.  I threw it with my friend Jennifer, who may love throwing parties ever more than me.  The theme requested by the parents was modern NINJA, here is what we came up with....

The hostesses with the beautiful mama to be.
We served various salads and a sandwich bar. 
Jennifer even made cute little labels for everything.
 Thao and Donny nicknames their baby boy "Bruce" so we tried to include that into the shower...Here are some fun water labels I had made on ETSY and paper straws for the drinks.
The boys getting into this baby shower thing, enjoying the food.
Fun lanterns and chevron banner
Enjoying the fun Mason jar drinks and straws!

Jennifer created this fun baby bingo game, complete with little ninja playing pieces.
I created this clothing line decoration making onesies and burp cloths to match.
 Prizes were pre-filled mason jars with cookies
Since it was a couples shower we had an activity for the ladies and one for the guys...The girls got creative and made baby "Bruce" an ABC book.
I purchased a mini scrapbook, with 26 pages (13 total, using the front and back of each page).  I also grabbed some stickers and colored pencils.  I put a letter sticker on each page so people would know what each page represented.  We then let everyone loose to draw, color, and create pages for the ABC book.  The only instruction was that each page had to only include things with the specific letter.
 We passed all the pages around and let everyone do a little on each page.
 One of the pages

 Some people were great at drawing, while others had to work a littler harder...but everyone really enjoyed it and in the end we created a super cute ABC book for the baby.
While we did this, the boys had a poker party in the basement....The buy in was one cloth diaper or $20 and there were fun prizes for the winners.  The couple kept the buy in of course and stocked up on cloth diapers.  You could also just use a pack of diapers as the buy in.
What a fun shower!
 The happy couple, expecting a little baby boy!
She all of Thao's cute ideas at her blog

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